Thursday, September 17, 2015

Electrifying update

After I shared yesterday’s post on Facebook, a friend gave me some more information related to the commercial video from a New Zealand electricity company. That, in turn, gave me an excuse to share another New Zealand ad as well as update that post. Because that’s what I do—I share.

Yesterday’s post included a very clever video ad from Energy Online, and I said: “As far as I know, all the electricity companies have quit door-to-door sales.” It turns out that not all have, as a friend reminded me on Facebook: “Nova still uses door knockers,” she wrote. “We ended up signing up that way!”

Of course she’s right, and I should have remembered that because Nova Energy’s TV commercial (video above) is based on a door-knocker selling power. In my defence, the ad has been on TV so often over the past year or so that I now just tune it out.

It wasn’t always that way.

When the ad first began airing, I thought it was clever: It’s use of repetition to drive home the company’s name so people remembered it was different, and it did it in a light-hearted and silly way that I thought worked. My favourite part was when the salesperson and the homeowner stop in front of a framed photo.

But maybe it’s true that familiarity breeds contempt, because like a lot of people I know, I’m kinda sick of the ad. Maybe a new version playing off the same theme would be fun at first, too, but I think that this is the kind of thing that eventually becomes annoying.

Still, I did think the ad was cute the first few times I saw it, and it shows that, yes, contrary to what I said yesterday, some power companies do still use door-knockers, and I do strive for accuracy in what I post. All of which are good reasons to share this ad.

Besides, I don’t think I share nearly enough of day-to-day New Zealand life, and not just the latest political outrage or big news story. Not everything has to be shocking or electrifying, I don’t think.

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