Monday, June 08, 2015

As they sow, they reap

TV3’s ratings for its daily 3 News programme have plummeted since they cancelled Campbell Live. I’m one of the many viewers who have abandoned TV3, and it’s their own fault: They should have expected this. Not like they actually care what viewers think, of course.

I used to watch 3 News because it was a lead-in to Campbell Live, but with that show killed off, there's no reason to watch 3 News any more, and I usually don't. Instead, I either watch One News, then immediately turn the channel to ANY other channel (other than One or TV3) at 7pm, or the TV's not on at all.

I do sometimes watch Prime News at 5:30pm, but that’s made by TV3, so it's kind of like TV3 beat itself. It still promotes MediaWorks programming, just like 3 News, so I doubt they’ll be too upset at being beaten by a programme they make.

As for Sunday evening, I'm not stupid enough that I actually buy MediaWork’s corporate spin: Cutting both the news and the current affairs shows to 30 minutes each (which is like 20 minutes after commercials come out) is NOT any sort of “win” for viewers—it merely cuts costs for the company, nothing more. I never watch either brief mini-programme on TV3.

If this trend continues, TV3 will cancel their evening news programme and replace it with a re-screening of the 5:30pm broadcast of Prime News at like, 2am or something. After all, prime time is MUCH better spent showing re-runs of “Dancing with the X-Factor Stars Kitchen Rules On The Block” episodes from three years ago.

For me, it's NOT 3.

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