Tuesday, May 05, 2015

The march of marriage equality

Marriage equality is becoming a fact throughout the United States, and the video above from Vox shows that in detail. It’s the best video for that I’ve yet seen. As they say in the YouTube description:
Today 70% of Americans live in a state with legal same-sex marriage. 11 years ago it was zero.
Soon, it may be 100% of Americans. In the video below, Matt Baume delivers his latest “Marriage News Watch” for the American Foundation for Equal Rights (don’t worry about the video splash screen—it plays correctly). In this latest video, Matt looks at what happened in oral arguments before the US Supreme Court. Then, he talks about a Texas crackpot’s proposed anti-LGBT response to the possible Supreme Court ruling in favour of 50-state marriage equality. Finally, he looks at why our biggest adversary is dreaming about what it says it can do, and why it may soon be gone altogether.

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