Friday, March 27, 2015

Steven Adams, part 2

Above is the second commercial for an Oklahoma bank fronted by New Zealand-born professional basketball player, Steven Adams. Like the first commercial, this one, too, features Adams using Kiwi slang with American English subtitles. I think this one’s cute, too.

As I said about the first commercial, “Some of the text isn’t exactly what a Kiwi would say in real life, at least, not in that context, but they’re real expressions nonetheless.” On the other hand, this commercial seemed more “natural” to me than the first one did. Not that it matters—professional athletes aren’t actors, after all. And, Adams is only 21.

The bank hasn’t said whether there are any more commercials with Adams; maybe it depends on how the public responds to the first two. But it’s all a bit of fun—well, advertising with some fun—so whether there are any more or not doesn’t really matter.

At least some Oklahomans are getting a little tastes of what New Zealanders are like. That’s a good thing.

Oh, and I haven’t mentioned this before, but, yes, I understand every word of both commercials. Maybe that’s why I see the sometimes subtle humour in the subtitles.

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