Monday, March 30, 2015

Steve Grand: Time

Steve Grand, whose “All American Boy” struck a chord with many—including me—nearly two years ago, has finally released his debut album, titled, appropriately: All American Boy. The video above is the latest single from the album, "Time".

Last month, Steve told Huffington Post that “My lyric style is definitely very story-driven. I try to tell stories from my life, whether it’s one single moment in time or something that’s been recurring in my life.” He says he’s surprised that he was ever labelled as “country”, but his style helps to explain why he was—that and the fact that he lived for a year in Nashville.

Steve also said that his debut album is “an arc, and every song is a plot point on that arc.” The song “Time” is itself an arc, telling the story of a relationship from start to break-up.

I haven’t yet bought All American Boy, though it’s on my iTunes “wishlist” (where I keep music I want to buy eventually). The album is available on Amazon, which also sells a CD, and, of course, as a digital-only version from iTunes.

I wish him good sales.

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