Sunday, September 14, 2014

Another new thing

Tonight Nigel and I went to the Glenfield Night Market, which is one of several held throughout the Auckland region (and one in Hamilton). We’d never been before, but had heard how good the food was.

We had a great time! The food was as good as promised, and there was good fresh produce for sale in some stalls, though we didn’t buy any this week. The atmosphere was really good, too, with all the diversity you’d expect from this part of Auckland’s North Shore. It was just another reminder of how great our community really is.

While we were there, we saw the Labour team campaigning. The photo above shows Labour candidates Richard Hills, Kelvin Davis and Shanan Halbert (didn’t get the name of the volunteer in the background). I saw the candidates having good chats with locals, and generally reinforcing Labour’s campaign. It was great to see.

We also saw the National team moving through the crowd. Maybe it was just me, but they seemed a little out of place.

There’s no reason why we’d never been to the Night Market before—we just never made it. But we’ll definitely be back!

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