Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Happy Anniversary

One year ago today, marriage equality arrived in New Zealand, and LGBT New Zealanders became more equal as citizens. But that day wasn’t just about equality, it was about love. That’s something worth celebrating.

On August 19, 2013, same-gender couples finally gained the right to celebrate their commitment and love in marriage, just like opposite-gender couples can. It felt pretty awesome.

We’re still the only nation in this part of the world with marriage equality, so couples travel here from Asia, the Pacific and, especially, Australia to be married. That’s awesome, but it would be so much better for us all if their marriages were recognised in their home countries. At least here in New Zealand they’re legally married.

Tonight TVNZ’s One News had a segment on marriage equality’s Boost for the tourism industry. It was a good and balanced report, actually—without any anti-gay shriekers, which was great to see (for a change…). It was a nice, upbeat report, which was exactly what was needed.

So, happy anniversary, New Zealand!

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