Thursday, August 14, 2014

A day on the trail

Labour’s big red campaign bus was on the North Shore today, and I wanted to meet up with it. Unfortunately, I didn’t know precisely where/when it would be, and, anyway, I had some work I had to do this morning. I did try to catch up with it this afternoon, but, sadly, I wasn’t able to.

So, I thought I’d share photos from the day that Northcote Labour Candidate Richard Hills posted on his campaign’s Facebook page today. They’re from three different stops, though there were several others. I think they give some sense of what the day was like.

The photo at the bottom was posted to Twitter tonight by Jenny Selesa, the Labour Candidate in Manukau East. It was taken at Tongan gathering at Onepoto Primary School in Northcote. Richard Hills is speaking. The guy on stage with the blue rosette is National Party candidate Jonathan Coleman.

I love the nuts and bolts of democracy, even when I can’t participate in it personally. I also love old school campaigning, like the bus tour and community meetings. They’re nice human touches in what is too often a detached digital world.

Brown's Bay (photo from Richard Hills Campaign Facebook Page)
Devonport (photo from Richard Hills Campaign Facebook Page)
Beach Haven (photo from Richard Hills Campaign Facebook Page)
Tongan gathering, Onepoto Primary School (photo from Jenny Selesa's Twitter)

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