Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Helping the regions

The images with this post are campaign graphics created by the New Zealand Labour Party to promote Labour's policies for regional New Zealand. I think they’re quite good, and help to summarise Labour’s positive policies.

The graphic up top is the one I shared on Facebook. I especially like that one because it highlights the importance of ensuring that there’s a future for young New Zealanders so that they don’t have to move overseas to find jobs to provide for their families. It’s also important for the regions to help create opportunities there so that there’s more work choices for all New Zealanders.

The image below is a perfectly sensible policy: Why shouldn’t government support New Zealand businesses? It helps all New Zealanders when they do.

And finally, the image at the bottom of this post is about Labour’s plans to invest in rural New Zealand. This is all about making things better for people living in the regions so that people can get good jobs so they and their families can have decent homes in strong, vibrant communities. It’s a positive programme for ordinary Kiwis.

The National Party’s plan for the regions? They want to have people complain about red tape on social media (seriously!) and that somehow might one day become some sort of action. Or something. That’s really their plan for helping the regions!

Like most people, I’d much rather back a party that has a positive plan for moving the country forward, a party that recognises that people matter most, and what helps them helps the entire country. That’s why I back Labour.

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