Monday, January 27, 2014

Google Doodle good story

Here’s a feel-good story, and one Google plays a role in. which goes to show that even gigantic companies can do good and make people feel good.

Today’s Google Doodle on google.co.nz (above) was designed by 12-year-old Deyvi Wilton of Christchurch, a Bolivian orphan who was adopted by a Kiwi woman. That’s nice. But the bicycle in the Doodle? That’s a red bike he got for his birthday.

Deyvi got a Google Chromebook as a prize for having his Doodle chosen, and the primary school he was attending at the time he submitted his design got a $10,000 technology grant, a big deal for most primary schools.

So, this kid who had nothing found a new home in New Zealand, got a red bicycle for his birthday, and put that all together in a Google Doodle that won a prize for himself and his school. Pretty good news, I’d say.

There IS good news in the world. Too bad we don’t hear more of it.

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Arthur (AmeriNZ) said...

Yes. Sometimes the news is far too depressing… which is why is precisely why I think we need more good news—as sort of an antidote.