Thursday, December 05, 2013

Poptastic assault

This post has two videos that are mashups of the pop hits of 2013. I like them both, which figures, considering how much I love pop music. But I also like mashups of this sort because they make it easier to get a feel for a year.

The video above is DJ Earworm’s mashup, “United State of Pop 2013 (Living the Fantasy)”. I’ve been watching his videos (and downloading the free audio tracks) for many years now. Others have pointed out that this year’s collection is more down-tempo than in previous years. That probably says something about 2013, I suppose.

The video below is “Pop Danthology 2013”, a mashup of 68 songs by Daniel Kim. I haven’t seen one of his videos or heard one of his mixes before, but he’s also been doing them for several years now. He also offers a free download of the audio tracks.

What I particularly like about Daniel Kim’s work is that he posted about the process he went through to make the mashup. I’ve always wondered how they make these mashups, and now I have a better understanding thanks to him.

When I was younger, I used to buy greatest hits albums of artists I was only somewhat familiar with, then I’d go and buy the albums that the songs came from. I did this with several different artists.

And that’s basically why I like these year-end mashups they familiarise me with songs I otherwise wouldn’t have heard. I’ve actually sought out songs I’ve heard in mashups like these.

Most of all, this sort of thing reminds me yet again of how clever some people are. I wish I had just a little bit of their creativity—and energy! Fortunately, I can enjoy their work. For me, t’s a nice way to wrap up a year.

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