Thursday, September 05, 2013

NZ’s craziest MP?

So, then this happened today during Question Time: A Member of Parliament asked a minister about blowjobs. Seriously. The minister answered it was not her responsibility (video above).

The List MP from the rightwing NZ First Party, Asenati Lole-Taylor, was asking Police Minister Anne Tolley about street prostitution in South Auckland, a subject with which the MP seems particularly obsessed.

Asenati makes frequent use of Twitter, where she ducks even reasonable questions put to her and instead tends to attack people who disagree with her. She’s also an anti-gay bigot, among other things. She’s done nothing at all for Pasifika people in South Auckland, and is known only for mounting, so to speak, her sex-centred quixotic campaign against prostitution (prostitution carried out by adults is legal in New Zealand, though street prostitution isn’t).

She’s not necessarily really the craziest MP in the NZ Parliament—particularly because she has so much competition within her party’s caucus, which is made up of bigots, crackpots and tossers (figuratively speaking, of course).

Still, even though I have such a low opinion of her, she nevertheless made me feel sorry for National’s Anne Tolley. I’ve always thought Tolley was incompetent and out of her depth in every portfolio she’s held, but today, for the first time ever, I actually felt some sympathy for her. Who says a NZ First MP, no matter how crazy, can’t do something positive?

I think that’s quite enough sarcasm and snark for one day think. Okay, just one more: Question Time is actually called—ahem!—"Questions for Oral Answer". And today Asenati really put the "oral" into it.

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