Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Paul Harvey meme

Ever since that awful Super Bowl ad for Dodge Ram trucks, numerous parodies have been made, and others, like this one, make other points. Even though this is technically an ad, too, I’m posting it as a way to sort of dilute the original.

I thought that Dodge ad was awful because I couldn’t stand Paul Harvey: I’d turn the radio to a different channel when his commentaries came on. I thought he was absolutely insufferable, with his sickly-sweet word choice, his cloying sentimentality and his affected delivery—there was absolutely nothing about his commentaries I liked. And all of that is without even talking about the rightwing political views he promoted.

The commentary used in the truck ad is basically everything I despised about his commentaries in one sickly-sweet, way overly sentimental, absurd mess. Naturally, America’s wingnuts loved it. So, helping to dilute that memory by posting a video like this one is practically a public service.

I’m sure there will be a few more videos in this meme, but I doubt I’ll be posting any. This one let me deliver a message and have a rant about the original ad and Paul Harvey. So, Good Day!


Jason said...

I thought the ad was a littler over the top to say the least. But I also thought that the vast majority of people probably didn't know who Paul Harvey was.

Arthur (AmeriNZ) said...

I think you're absolutely right. In fact, some may even have thought it was a joke. I can completely understand that, of course. ;-)