Monday, July 09, 2012

NZ Labour – ‘It's who we are’

This video is the latest from the New Zealand Labour Party, and it outlines the party’s history right up to the Clark government. I think that on balance it’s a pretty good summation of what the party’s all about. An early film clip puts it best, declaring that a New Zealand Labour Government “puts people before things”. It’s the essence of what the party is about, and it’s why I support Labour.

I’m something of a connoisseur of modern propaganda films (especially TV commercials), and I’d rank this as highly effective. However, it ends rather abruptly. All the other Labour defeats were dealt with, and I think the film should have taken that on the 2008 defeat, too, with a promise of putting things right—again—when it’s next in Government.

However, I don’t think that voter motivation was the point of this film, though it always should be included, in my opinion. Still, I think this is very good for what it is, and I hope that this means, as it seems to, that Labour will make greater use of videos as well as social media to get its message out.

So, this is who Labour is, and it’s also why I’m Labour

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