Friday, July 13, 2012

Marriage equality is a mainstream value

From Crosby Burns and Ben Harris at the Center for American Progress:

Crosby Burns and Ben Harris at the Center for American Progress have created this infographic to demonstrate how support for marriage equality is now a mainstream value in the USA. This is visual proof that the US has now passed the tipping point, and full marriage equality is inevitable because the majority of Americans support it.

In their full explanation talking about the contents of this graphic, the authors conclude:
With strong majority support nationwide, state initiatives sponsoring marriage equality on stable footing, and an enthusiasm gap that clearly favors proponents of equality, the future is looking bright for gay Americans eager to finally achieve full marriage rights under the law. The direction of the nation is clear: Support for marriage equality is now—and will continue to be—a mainstream value.
This is very, very good news.

Credit: The material “Infographic: Marriage Equality Is Now a Mainstream Value – Polls Show Majority of Americans Support Gay Marriage” was published by the Center for American Progress. Their Re-use Policy is here.

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