Monday, July 16, 2012

I’m part of a new podcast

I’m the co-host of a brand-new podcast, Arthur and Paul Talk, and first episode is now posted. It’s just me and Paul (of Paul’s Podcast) chit-chatting about stuff. He was one of my main influences when I started the AmeriNZ Podcast back in March, 2007 (some six months after I started this blog).

Since then, I also started 2Political Podcast with my friend Jason. Both AmeriNZ and 2Political Podcasts will continue as before. I have the most recent episodes of both those podcasts listed on the right side of this blog, and eventually I’ll add Arthur and Paul Talk, too—but there’s only the one episode so far, so… well, my general laziness isn’t a big issue right now. However, I’ve added it to my “Parade of Podcasts” on my Links Page.

These podcasts also don’t affect this blog, which will continue as before because I love this medium, and the written word. I’ll occasionally mention blog posts on one of these podcasts, as I do now, and I may mention a podcast episode here, but that will continue to be pretty rare.

And one final word, it wasn’t my ego that has me listed first (no, really!). Instead, it’s that my name comes first alphabetically and that means we’ll be listed higher in alphabetical lists of podcasts. Well, it’s as good and explanation as any.

The new podcast will be posted roughly once per week.

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