Friday, July 27, 2012

Clean your balls

This Australian-made cinema ad for Lynx Shower Gel has played recently in New Zealand. Said fellow American expat in New Zealand d (who is also a friend and who comments on this blog), from whom I stole this:
"This ad played in the theatre last night before Batman. It was… odd and hilarious. Can't imagine this ever being played in a US theatre!"
I can’t imagine it either, but the humour of Australians and New Zealanders is bawdier than in the US, and we’re more relaxed about racy subject matter (and nudity, though that’s another subject). It’s one of the things I most love about New Zealand’s culture.

This sort of broad humour makes me laugh, so I don’t mind posting a product commercial to my blog: Funny is funny. And, this is another example of how New Zealand is very different from the US.


Roger Owen Green said...

BROAD humour - is that some sort of sexist remark?

(I kid.)

Funny, actually.

Arthur (AmeriNZ) said...

Heheh, why, no. Not that I'm above doing that, mind you...