Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Auckland Rates changes in 2012

This video is meant to explain the upcoming changes to rates in Auckland (rates are similar to US property taxes, but different). The various councils that make up the new Auckland all had their own systems that Wellington requires be combined into one unified system. This involves quite a lot of change, with some paying more, others paying less, as Auckland moves to a single, fair system. This video describes what’s basically the first step.

I think that this video is pretty good, and I’m quite interested in videos of this sort. But I’m also sharing it because I think it’s important that Aucklanders get to understand what’s going on, and that people in other parts of New Zealand (like Wellington) know one of the things that will happen if central government forces them to amalgamate as they did to Auckland. Also, overseas folks may get a small feel for what our property taxing system is like.


Roger Owen Green said...

It occurred to me that most US locales don't explain ANYTHING about property taxes. Too many governments.

And speaking of which: Stockton, California is going bankrupt. Scranton, Pennsylvania is paying their workers minimum wage, so that a firefighter will make the same as or less than a kid working at Wal-Mart.

Arthur (AmeriNZ) said...

I don't think that most NZ local councils explain the taxing system very well, either. It's improbable that a local government in NZ could go bankrupt, but Central Government in Wellington takes control if it thinks something's gone wrong. The irony is that when things do go wrong, it's often because of something Central Government has required local councils to do, without giving them the money to do it.