Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Shear madness

Above is a photo I took this morning of our rather severely clipped Sunny and Jake. They look so tiny without their fur (as compared to a photo of Jake on his birthday on April 4).

I originally planned on taking them in to be groomed before Christmas, but they were all booked out. So, we made do with doing “maintenance clipping” ourselves, amid all the turmoil with the house marketing. I tried to arrange another clipping before Easter, but they, too, were all booked. This was the first chance I had to take them in.

I found out from the site of the second groomer how important it is to brush cavoodles like Jake and Sunny daily. Yeah, well, that didn’t happen, and that’s why it was necessary to clip them so short.

Fortunately, our house has central heating, so they’re kept warm—plus, there’s still warmth in the sunshine (obviously, judging by the photo). So, they hardly notice the missing fur—except for being a bit friskier than normal, maybe.

Still, it’ll all grow back, though I intend to be diligent about brushing them now. No, really! That and taking them for walks. That part, though, is really for me.

And just for good measure, at left is another photo I took of them on my phone, right after we got home. Also, check out their photo from June of last year for an idea of what they can also look like after a clipping.

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