Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Heterosexuals destroy marriage

Once again we’ve seen what a mockery heterosexual “marriage” really is, and yet politicians refuse to do anything to stop the heterosexual agenda demanding that their perverted relationships be treated as if they’re normal.

The lack of respect for marriage among heterosexuals is well-known, and today we saw further evidence of that when we learned that famous-for-being-famous Kim Kardashian is divorcing her husband after being married only 72 days. This is as bad as Britney Spears’ 55-hour marriage because in both cases these couples got all the rights and privileges of real marriage, even though their counterfeit marriages were phony from the start.

Okay, I can’t keep up that mockery of the anti-gay industry—actually, heterosexuals are clearly doing the mockery all on their own. Because, in all seriousness, both those couples illustrate how wrong it is that they got all the benefits of marriage, while a same-sex couple together for 50 years gets none of them—unless, perhaps, they’re lucky enough to live in a place with marriage equality (US states with marriage equality don’t count because the US federal government is forbidden to recognise the marriages so, nationally, such marriages don’t exist).

Of course, those famous couples are far from alone among heterosexuals mocking marriage. Consider the New Zealand radio station that held a competition in which a “bride met two potential grooms on the wedding day, then had to pick one to marry immediately.”

Or, how about another New Zealand radio station that ran a different competition called “Win A Wife”, until they were forced to change the name. Yeah, that showed lots of respect.

Or, maybe the Indiana woman who married 23 times best demonstrates heterosexuals’ respect for marriage. If so, she clearly has a lot of respect…

Obviously, most heterosexuals do, in fact, respect marriage, despite these examples to the contrary. Similarly, most gay and lesbian couples also respect marriage, but in most places we get none of the rights, benefits, privileges and responsibilities of marriage—no matter how long we’re together. That’s wrong. It must change.

So, even though I know these people aren’t true examples of heterosexuals’ respect—or lack of—for marriage, expect me to keep bringing them up for as long as their sham marriages get all the legal rights we’re denied. It’s because I respect marriage that much.

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