Saturday, November 12, 2011


11/11/11: This is the penultimate listing of date numbers like this for the 21st century. I like these particular alignments because they work regardless of whether the date is month or day first: 11/11/11 is the same wherever it is.

This is in contrast to sequential dates, such as, 09/10/11. That date was September 10, 2011 in places like the US, but October 9, 2011 here. Not quite the global thrill, really.

I’m not superstitious or into numerology, but I find numeric sequences oddly pleasant (odd for whom, or from whose perspective, I’m not sure…). Maybe I just like a little order in an otherwise chaotic world.

I spent my 11/11/11 at a family wedding in Thames where I had truly rotten Vodafone coverage—often none at all. This meant no access to the Internet, either, and I’d planned to post a photo from Thames on that day. Oh well, as I write this it’s still 11/11/11 in Hawaii.

So, one more date like this to come, a year and a month from today. I’ll just have to look for patterns elsewhere.

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My post for August 8, 2008 was pre-empted by family events.

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amerinz's sis said...

On 080888, our house was struck by lightning. Actually, in two areas of the house. Damage was done, but luckily everything was repairable.

Fearing another catastrophe on 080808, I decided to venture out to run errands a couple of days before that. I intended to stay home on that dreaded day. So on 080608, my husband and I were out and about, wrapping things up with a bite to eat at a popular buffet. On our way home, we were t-boned in a near fatal auto accident. Spending 080808 in intensive care had not been in my original plans, but that’s where I ended up. So…I think I need to be superstitious…just in case.