Saturday, August 27, 2011

Covering the mirrors

A week ago, I wrote about how America’s rightwing had suddenly come down with a case of amnesia. And it all has to do with truth being revealed.

In that post last week, I talked about rightwing pundit and blowhard, Ann Coulter, pretending she had do idea what Dominionism is, and trying to portray it as a radical leftwing conspiracy theory. The parade of denial has continued since.

Right Wing Watch has been documenting the backpedalling as these radicals try to cover up their radicalism. An example is a rabidly anti-gay guy from a far right “legal” outfit and law school associated with Dead Jerry Falwell. He Tweeted: “Can someone tell me what a "dominionist" is? Best I can tell it's some kinda scary Christian monster that lives under liberals' beds” He tagged it “silly”. Really? Never heard of it, huh? Last year his organisation co-sponsored a conference titled “Sovereignty and Dominion: Biblical Blueprints For Victory”.

The Dominionist ideology that their god chose “Christians” alone—meaning, of course, only far-right fundamentalist “Christians”— for all positions of authority in government and the legal system, schools, etc., is seriously crazy stuff. The radical right is self-aware enough to know that mainstream Americans—increasingly sick and tired of the radical right shoving their religion into politics—would rightly reject any politician or self-important “leader” espousing such insane ideas. This is why they’re all now pretending they’ve never heard of Dominionism, even though so many of them were active in promoting it.

So which is worse: Believing in a seriously crazy ideology, or lying about that and trying to convince everyone that their lie is true?


Roger Owen Green said...

The title briefly confused me. When one sits shiva, in the Jewish tradition, one covers all of the mirrors in the house.

Arthur (AmeriNZ) said...

I did not know that. All the Jewish people I knew or worked with in Chicago were either non-observant or else Reform, many of whom didn't observe those customs.