Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cavalcade of bigotry

At the Republican "debate" in Iowa, all the Republican candidates for president expressed support for a Constitutional Amendment to ban marriage equality throughout the United States, except for Ron Paul (who has anti-gay positions on other issues). Jon Hunstman apparently opposes an amendment—he didn't actually say, but did say it was a local (state?) matter. However, Huntsman does oppose marriage equality, though, unlike ALL the other candidates, he backs separate and completely unequal civil unions. Pardon me for not being grateful.

Bottom line for me is that none one of these morons will get my vote.

The video above shows the candidate’s comments about marriage equality (or outlawing it). The entire 13-minute section of the “debate” where they talked about “social issues” (which is where the anti-gay section above comes from) is also on YouTube. It’s worth watching, if only to see Michele Bachmann squirm and spin when asked—justifiably—if, given her oft-stated fundamentalist “Christian” religious beliefs, she would “submit” to her husband should she be elected president. That’s a legitimate question because she plays her religiosity as one of her virtues, one of her selling points, so voters have a right to know how far that extends, or even if she really believes what she says she does.

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