Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekend Diversion: NZ ‘Animal Novelties’

This week’s Weekend Diversion is another video from Archives NZ, and again a compilation reel, this one called “Animal Novelties”. In the comments to last week’s Weekend Diversion,there was a comment from Roger Green, who said, “Maybe next week, you can do Animal Novelties.” And what do you know? There was a video by that title!

A few of the titles in the reel have misplaced apostrophes (not unusual, then as now), but what really caught me was the chimps’ tea party at Wellington Zoo. Auckland Zoo used to do that as well, and the last time I was there, they had a display about it, including one of the teacups they used. Apparently, it was quite popular.

In this real are:
  • Pig In The Swim, Napier Beach (1955)
  • Wellington Zoo Has Pets’ Corner, Chimps [sic] Tea Party (1956)
  • Four Flying Fossils – Tuataras take a trip (1952)
  • World's Record Litter (1950) Up to Scratch
  • Cats Judged In Auckland (1956)
  • Tame Trout & Eels (1950)
  • A Dogs’ [sic] Show (1945)


Roger Owen Green said...

Actually, I KNEW there was a video called Animal Novelties. I looked up last week's video in Archives NZ. You thought that was random? Ha!


Arthur (AmeriNZ) said...

I guessed as much, given your very specific mention, complete with appropriate capitals. But it was more fun to pretend it was all a happy accident.