Sunday, July 03, 2011

It could have been

The video above is from a series of awareness and fundraising ads for Britain’s Albert Kennedy Trust as part of their “AKT NOW” campaign. The trust provides support for GLBT youth who have been kicked out of their homes.

This video takes various British celebrities, including Sir Ian McKellen, Andrew Hayden-Smith, Paul O’Grady, Samantha Fox and Sue Perkins, and shows how their lives could have been very different if they’d suffered a similar fate to the youths the Trust serves. By using well-known people, the video makes it easier for ordinary Britons to understand the issues around GLBT youth homelessness. I think it’s a really interesting—and very useful—approach.

The video below is a kind of “making of” video, where they describe in greater detail the work of the Albert Kennedy Trust, what the video is about, and the celebrities also talk of their involvement.

I saw this on Britain’s Pink News, and the site has the individual ads, as well as links to interviews with some of the celebrities. Well worth checking out.

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