Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Vision for Auckland

Auckland Council is the midst of a major consultative process, trying to forge the Auckland Plan, a 30-year vision and strategy for the city. The goals are for the plan to “be a combined agreement with the people of Auckland, business and government” and to “have clear investment priorities that work with the private and institutional investor; an investment prospectus that will guide public finances and allow assets to be used to secure investment.”

What all that means is working out where Auckland is going, and how we’re going to get there—together.

In the video above, Auckland Mayor Len Brown lays out his vision for the role of rail in the future of Auckland. It’s part of Brown’s ambitious goal is to make Auckland “the world's most liveable city.” It’s a big ask.

A unified vision, together with unified action, was one of the main reasons for the amalgamation that created the new Auckland. This video is part of the first part. It’ll be up to the politicians in Auckland and Parliament to make the second part happen. With a quarter of all New Zealanders living in Auckland—and with that population likely to double by mid-century—it’s vital that this process succeeds. Aucklanders especially must remember that when they vote for the new Parliament in November.

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