Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Blogger’s ‘spinning issue’

Starting last night, I had what Blogger calls "the Spinning Issue": “This is where the Editor does not finish loading and you get a Spinning icon in the middle of the post.” The browser thinks the page is fully loaded, but the icon keeps going, making it impossible to post anything. This was true no matter what browser I used.

Blogger claimed to have released a fix, except it wasn’t fixed. I tried their suggestions, like clearing the history, and the spinning persisted. Then, almost as a last resort, I followed their suggestion to change back to the old editor* and that fixed it (I later switched back to the new editor and the problem returned, so I again switched back to the old editor). As it happens, I prefer the old editor, anyway; it's more streamlined and efficient (or maybe the new one is just bloated and creaky).

Anyway, I (obviously) can post again, so I thought I’d mention this in case any of my Blogger Buddies are having the same problem.

*Blogger says: “To revert back to the Old/New editor go to your Dashboard and click on Settings and then scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the Old/New editor.” Remember to click on “Save Settings” to make the switch.


Rich said...

You legend! Just what I needed!!

Roger Owen Green said...

actually had that problem today on one of my blogs, but it seemed to resolve itself.

Arthur (AmeriNZ) said...

Rich: Glad it helped! I always try to pass on things like that to make it easier for others who run into the same glitches I do.

Roger: The Blogger folks did say they put out a fix, and they implied the problem was location-specific, though they didn't say where or why. Also, there are blogs not hosted by Blogger that nevertheless use the Blogger interface/architecture, so I'd think that those could be affected, too.