Wednesday, November 17, 2010

NZ Rugby up over

There was a rugby match held in Washington, DC: The 14th Annual Ambassador's Shield rugby match was held this past Sunday (Washington time). New Zealand beat the US Combined Services team 44-24. Of course.

For more on the match and pictures, check out my friend Jason’s blog post. He enjoyed it and even had a pie—he must be a Kiwi in the making!

Update 18/11/10:
I've added the video that Jason shot of the match.


Jason in DC said...

I really enjoyed watching the game even though most of the time I wasn't entirely sure what was going on. And the pie — haven't had something like that since I was down there. It was chicken curry. Yum yum.

Arthur (AmeriNZ) said...

Every American I've ever had visit me has fallen in love with pies—understandably. I'm glad to see they're available in your area, at least.