Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Sherrod incident

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In the video above, Keith Olbermann returned from his holiday to deliver a Special Comment about the disgusting way Shirley Sherrod was treated. I agree completely with what he said.

In fact, I wrote a very long, pretty angry, post about it before it dawned on me: Keith already said what I was thinking and feeling.

So, yeah: What he said!


Moosep and Buddy Rabbit said...

I hope Shirley Sherrod will sue Fox for their report. She suffered real harm from their shoddy reporting.

Arthur (AmeriNZ) said...

Andrew Breitbart started it all, and it was just like his despicable smear campaign against ACORN. Until the mainstream media starts ignoring him most of the time, and going after him when, as with Shirley Sherrod, he was launching a slanderous attack, nothing will improve.

d said...

i'm horrified that the White House listened to Fox News witout doing proper research! I find this administration is treated with far more disrespect than the last one. For some reason, it is accepted...to the point where they are so reactive, shit like this happens.