Monday, July 12, 2010

‘I Am Vetoing This Bill’

A few days ago, I blogged about Hawaii’s Governor, Republican Linda Lingle, vetoing a bill that would’ve created civil unions in that state. I was not kind to her, though far kinder than I should have been. In this video, Sean Chapin goes a bit farther than I did. Some will feel he went too far, others not far enough.

But love it or hate it, the message at the end—“It’s time to stand up”—is inarguable. For too long the agenda of the right has been tolerated as if it was just another opinion, as if their determination to deny the humanity of their fellow citizens was somehow reasonable and worthy of respect.

So I applaud people who call out the right for their bigotry and hypocrisy. Maybe if more of us stand up about this, one day doing so will be unnecessary.

Sean has many other—and varied— videos on his YouTube Channel.

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