Friday, July 23, 2010

Blogger sucks

I shouldn’t have to say this, but I will: Nothing should be brought to market until it’s ready. That’s pretty damn obvious in the real world, but the folks at Google’s Blogger division don’t seem to know that most simple, elementary rule of business.

Google and Blogger fucked up—let’s be honest about that. In implementing the new supposedly wonderful “design” templates, they forgot one simple thing: Usability. The templates do NOT work as promised, which is bad enough, but make one simple error—like following Google’s typically incomplete instructions—and you’ll nuke your blog. Then what? Oops! Sorry!

I’ve now TWICE had to go to “Edit HTML” revert to classic template and then “upgrade” to get all my widgets back. This last time I had to manually drag those page elements back where they’re supposed to be—where they were in the first place, all because they have no simple—and bloody freakin’ obvious—“undo” function.

This simply isn’t good enough. Yes, I know damn well that I’m paying nothing for Blogger, so if it’s shit, tough. But there was nothing wrong with Blogger as it was; the upgrade is actually nothing but trouble—it’s crap, in fact.

Going back to my original template now would be a MAJOR headache because I’d have to rebuild it all from scratch. Yet I’m considering doing exactly that—Google and Blogger have so thoroughly wrecked everything.

My advice to Blogger folks is simple: Do NOT upgrade!! The new “design” templates do NOT work, they’re full of bugs and I have zero faith it’ll be fixed—hey, they went to market with a piece of shit product, after all, and they had to know it was shit that didn’t work.

I’ve never before criticised Blogger or Google. But do they ever deserve it this time!! And Blogger? Wordpress and Live Journal are also free. Just something to keep in mind.

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