Sunday, October 19, 2008

McCain still smearing

The campaign of Republican John McCain is still using smears to try and divert attention from the real issues facing voters. They know they can’t win on those issues, so instead they try to defame Barack Obama and Democrats generally.

Their latest trick is using robo-calls (automated campaign sales phone calls) to once again push the downright silly attempt to link Barack with a former 1960s radical. As the Associated Press reported, not only are the links extremely tenuous (at best), the Palin-McCain campaign isn’t even paying attention to facts.

This negative campaign tactic is so bad that even a Republican Senator, Susan Collins of Maine, has demanded that McCain end the robo-calls. “These kind of tactics have no place in Maine politics,” she said through a spokesperson. Collins is also McCain’s campaign chairman in Maine.

The Palin-McCain campaign and Republican Party are using a campaign built on distortions and even outright lies to try and smear Barack Obama. But doesn’t it say more about Palin-McCain and the Republicans that they’ll say anything to be elected? Doesn’t their lack of regard for honesty and truth suggest they’d ignore it if elected, too?

These smear attacks, part of a negative, often sleazy, campaign show just how unfit for office Palin-McCain and the Republicans really are.

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