Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cat update

I took Curzon into the vet for a re-check yesterday. He's no better, probably not much worse. It's pretty clear now that he does have cancer. The vet prescribed more steroids (which are helping him bulk up and, apparently, give him a sence of well-being), pills to help with lung function and some drops to help with his heart, since breathing problems can damage the heart.

So, he's not in pain, not in any apparent discomfort or any distress, apart from working to breathe, but he's definitely slowed down. The vet gave us meds for three weeks. That may be optimistic.

This is really sad, of course, but we have a responsibility to him to give him as much qaulity life as we can for as long as he has a quality of life. At the moment, he still does. We'll take these days one at a time.

Update 31/08/07: Curzon has started avoiding me, since I'm always trying to put pills down his throat. Nigel says I should just give him his medicine as I'm able because Curzon will see this as just trapping him. I'm not too keen on him avoiding me, either. So, I'm mixing his meds with a little tinned cat meat, which he likes (and the extra calories would be good for him). Hopefully he'll get the medicine that way and stop associating me with the trauma of being medicated. I'd rather rather we both enjoyed whatever days he has left.


d said...

Oh, Arthur, I'm so vey sorry. =( You've had a lot to deal with this year. I hope you guys are able to enjoy the time you have left. Make sure to take some pictures of him, and maybe a little video too.

Walt said...

Arthur - I'm so sorry to hear this. I went through something similar about a year and a half ago, though I only had two days with my baby when we realized she was sick. Cherish whatever time you have left with Curzon.

You'll be in my thoughts.

Arthur (AmeriNZ) said...

Thanks, guys. I'm going to do what's necessary to make these days good for us all.